TopMarketCap Review 2021- Find out the truth about this broker – Can it be trusted? (

I have tried TopMarketCap and due to my experience of many years in the trading world, I have made this review to help the neophytes out there. This report will include everything from facts to all the details. By going through the review, you will be able to get to know all the conditions for a trader and the much-needed instructional materials for definite trading. I will start this review by pointing out some major things that you need to look for while selecting a particular platform. Side by side, I will mention how well this platform is equipped with them.

  • There should be good conditions for traders (88%)
  • 24/7 Customer Support (85%)
  • Security and Regulation of Customer Funds (90%)

Ever since 2008, ETFs, stocks, indices, digital currencies, monetary standards, and other alternatives can be traded in the type of CFDs. For all types of traders, the broker is the distributor of the CFDs. Since the broker has to offer all the recent innovations in CFDs, he has to represent a flawless vision. The first concern is growth. In the expert trading platform, growth is additionally reflected. All things aside and considered, I have able to establish a decent connection with the organization. Probably due to the fact the layout and administration of the platform demonstrate skill and trust.

Facts about TopMarketCap:

  • TopMarketCap has a very experienced and dynamic team.
  • There are more than three hundred thousand active clients.
  • They have a very high trading volume.
  • They have very innovative specialists and the administration is top-notch.
  • They deal with Crypto, Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Stocks

Is TopMarketCap regulated? What about the security of client funds?

In web-based trading, one of the most vital things is regulation. It is crucial in trust-building and is very significant in providing security to the broker. In order to get a related permit from an administrative platform of a state, there are some unique conditions and standards that must be satisfied altogether for a CFD broker. Due to this fact, I knew how much security means to a broker and how seriously they take it. It is very satisfying to know that their funds would be protected at all times by the platform.

The client deposits of TopMarketCap are overseen thoroughly. They keep the funds of the clients totally separate from the company funds. Furthermore, the client is not obligated to have any sovereign or corporate association. It was also one of my observations that the platform does not invest the money of the client. Also, the customer money is not passed on through to some supporting counterparties. Overall, if you are looking for a trusted secure specialist, then TopMarketCap is the perfect platform. It is indicated by the principal organizational information where fraud is not an option and is consistently barred. So, these are the important things that I wanted to discuss first. It was equally important for me to show what a decent platform it was so anybody joining it can have a good experience with it.

Some Facts about The Security of Client Funds:

  • There is a system of multi-management for CFD broker
  • The platform protects the funds of the clients against AML policy.
  • As mentioned above, the funds of the customers are stored independently from the corporate assets.
  • TopMarketCap has no debts.
  • The liquidity rates for trades are very high.

Survey of The Conditions for Traders — What is Being Offered by The CFD Broker?

You can trade CFDs on this platform on more than 200 assets. These incorporate stocks, monetary forms (Forex), digital currencies, commodities, and alternatives for various assets. A wide range of variable business sectors is being offered by the CFD broker. They are always in the process of extending their portfolio. You can trade stocks from more than 23 very unique nations. Moreover, the accessibility of the very recent cannabis stocks is available. The most fun for me was investing in stocks. Through this, I was able to gain profits. I had help through the charts and the analytical tools. I have seen that if provided with more assets and their range, it helps a lot in making choices especially related to investment.

1:400 is the limit for leverage under a permit. The offers of CFDs are done at a variable spread and rely heavily upon the trading tools. What I found to be the more preferred position in CFD trading was the fact that there was no commission. The platform is open and active all day for every day. At the end of the week, trading off a few business sectors can be done.

I was also able to notice to they offer an ensured stop loss. With different suppliers, this quality becomes rare. At your ideal cost, positions are executed to 100%. Risk management is also conceivable. Through their trading conditions, the CFD broker has established a decent connection with me. The assets and their choices are exceptionally high whereas when you look at the trading expenses, they are ridiculously low. TopMarketCap was able to gather some very plus points in this regard.

Facts about the Conditions for Traders:

  • There are tight spreads available, which rely upon the circumstances and the account type.
  • There are no commissions for CFDs.
  • The maximum leverage is 1:400.
  • There are more than 200 assets available.
  • The minimum deposit should be 250 euros.
  • You can trade CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, Digital Currencies, and Stocks
  • A guaranteed stop loss is also provided.

How Good is the TopMarketCap Trading Platform?

The big question is what can a trading platform like TopMarketCap offers a broker. I will try to answer this question in the following segment. I’ll provide the details of the broker platform. The trader was responsible for the growth which occurred autonomously on the trading platform. Each gadget is accessible. You can control your portfolio by utilizing the application even from the comforts of your home.

The layout is very clear, basic, and very easy to understand. The same can’t be said for CFDs since they are intricate items of monetary value. Traders can become very comfortable with the platform after becoming accustomed to it. Novice traders can use the account types that are basic such as Self-Managed accounts. To adapt to the trading style of a dealer, there are numerous components. The platform is very straightforward in trading and charges. The market prices are made visible so traders are able to trade with the best prices.

Facts about the Trading Platform:

  • The layout is very clear.
  • It’s user-friendly for both novice traders and progressed brokers.
  • The trading is very transparent.
  • All the gadgets are available for use.

Proficient Charting and Analysis are Provided on This Platform:

Specialized analytical tools and chart analysis are extremely important for traders. You need certain tools for successful analysis. The platform provides distinctive 5 types of charts according to the preferences of the clients. For me, the most appropriate was the candlestick chart types.

On the platform, you can also find some special indicators. They are very easy to adjust. Drawing tools are also available for specialized analysis. You can also save your settings in a format and copy them as per your requirement.

The chart is shown plainly on the platform which makes the overall function admirably. There are no blunders or irritating disconnects. You can notice the assessment of different brokers for the analysis. The platform offers a wide range of settings for different trading styles.

Facts about the Charting and Analysis:

  • There are more than 5 distinctive chart settings.
  • There are more than 40 distinct indicators.
  • There are tools for technical drawing.
  • The charting is clear without any disconnects.

How to Deposit and Withdraw with TopMarketCap?

250 Euros is the base deposit. This can be traded with little capital by the broker. Payment techniques of a wide range can be utilized including VISA, MasterCard, and wire transfer. Although, PayPal is not offered as a method of payment.

The withdrawal works very easily likewise. The account should be verified. It usually takes 1-3 days to handle withdrawal. In that case, focus on all payment details as they can be very quick, too.

24/7 Customer Support and Administration for Traders:

The platform offers nonstop help which is accessible every day for 24 days through live chat, phone, or email. Phone Support, unfortunately, is only provided to Australia, the United Kingdom, and Austria. The help is very skilful and quick. FAQs are also indicated on the site. They offer remarkable assistance and are truly dependable.

Last Remarks

The platform was reasonable overall. The scope of trading openings is enormous. New traders and progressed traders will find it particularly fascinating. They will be able to invest in various assets. You can trade expertly with this broker in my experience. TopMarketCaphas been truly reliable and genuine during my experience with it.

DisclaimerThis review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.