What allows RichmondSuper to take the lead in the trading world? Review 2021 (www.richmondsuper.com)


In the era of digitalization, trading platforms slowly made their way into laptops and phones. Everything now is at your fingertips but watch out it might hurt. I know it is the need of time that a trader becomes associated with a reputable brokerage firm but trust me it isn’t as easy as it sounds. A couple of days back I read how a firm’s security system hijacked, leaving data and assets of millions at stake. You need to be sure from the start that the platform you’re picking will never compromise on essential areas such as security.


CFDs have changed it all for the traders in the last decade. The massive developments the profession went through have not only evolved our needs but also snapped us into traders who cannot think of taking a new step without first carrying out a thorough assessment. No matter what it costs you, it is always a great idea to join a good firm because it helps you keep up with the new trends in the trading field.


In fact, I would say that contemporary trade operations have made the need to invest in online trading platforms imperative. Although picking up an appropriate one is a job but trust me it’s worth it. I have been associated with this one for more than three years now but this wasn’t the first one of my career. I have not stuck with any of them for this long. What keeps me so fond of this will come to you slowly as we go on in the review.

Whatever firm you end up picking just make it a point that you are not recommended to go after flashy advanced tools at the cost of compromised basic tools. I have seen people losing their fortune at hands of such fraudulent companies who never had security on their priority list. It is not sufficient to talk to a representative, you need to step out, talk to your seniors, research yourself, and then chose an appropriate firm.


My cousin’s friend told me about RichmondSuper. He said he wishes he would’ve learned of this earlier on. In fact, he kept telling me about how the firm manages to impress him every now and then. After all, one day I was ready to join it formally. To be honest, I was a little sceptical at the start because of my past experiences but over the years I’ve realized that no one could serve my trading needs better than RichmondSuper.  There are some drawbacks and areas which need improvements but then you can’t get all from one platform. If you get basic functions I think you’re good to go.


So, it took me years to completely trust a from and that was because of the optimal trading environment that I got at RichmondSuper. I will tell you what I call an optimal trading environment as we proceed in the review.

For all of you


The technological innovations and impeccable service is the core ingredient of a worldwide clientage. This forum knows how to manage clients from different backgrounds effectively. This is the prime reason behind the growing popularity of RichmondSuper. You’ll find the server equipped with outstanding elements to make the platform more engaging. Also, the instructive tools and the straightforward interface of the web page make it fit for the use of beginners.  Experts, on the other hand, are entertained by the smart layout, professional framework, and premium investment opportunities. This isn’t in, as you use it you’ll see that every segment of the web page has been devised keeping in mind that all sorts of traders will be using it.


Well Optimized Server

The market is a very busy place and to keep up with the ever-changing trends you need a very efficient service which can bear the load of the fast pace. I have had the misfortune of working on ill-equipped software and a glitch came running to me every second. If a server isn’t capable of accommodating all activities it should not be let out in the market in the first place, because I know it literally translates into a headache every time. In fact, this is the worst a trader can get. Well, this is not the case here at RichmondSuper. Order execution is super fast.

There are a few points that are still seeking improvements. You won’t find data and time display. Also, the portal operates in two languages only; English and Deutsch. Let’s see when these two concerns are addressed.

Hassle-Free Registration

RichmondSuper saves you from the hassle of lengthy registration processes. New traders need not get into heavy and time talking documentation. All you need to do is provide the company with your identity card for your verification to be done. Next, you need to add details like email address and name. I can recall it took me no more than 5 minutes to formally become a part of the forum.

Account types

Here’s another point that reflects the unbiased approach of the forum. It provided a total of 4 accounts that have features according to the needs of various traders. If you’re a newbie, you can go for the basic ones while the experienced traders can opt for the higher accounts. Let’s see what accounts are offered and how much minimum deposit balance is required for them.


The trial account is for beginners. You need to deposit a small total of $250 and you’re good to go. This account has all the features to fulfil your basic needs. Once you feel you need more, you can always upgrade. Next comes the Passive Income account. It requires a minimum balance of $10k. This has upgraded features. Portfolio Management comes next. For this account, you have to have $50 k deposited. The retirement account needs $100k and the most up-to-date one, the Heritage account requires a minimum deposit of $250k. Witch each account the provided services improve and the number of features offered also increase. But remember you always don’t need the Heritage account. Sometimes, the Portfolio Account can perfectly complement you. It all depends on how huge your business is.


There is no commission that you need to pay in order to get your account upgraded. Another thing that I love is that there are no hidden charges to eat up your money secretly. My account manager, David Milo helped get a grip on my financial plans based on the entry prices best suited for me. I was able to better track the progress of my business using some of his pointers.


RichmondSuper lets you talk to their experts. My account manager, Lara Moretti, helped me through a lot. The financial advice of these experts proved to be very beneficial in the longer run. I want to make it a point here, that these experts never force you into something in fact they are just there to tell you about your options and the possibilities. The last decision is always yours.


When you land on the main page z the first thing that you notice is the theme and the colour scheme. If a nice combination is used, there is a high probability of you continuing the use of that platform. And this isn’t it, on forex platforms, traders have to perform complex operations that turn very monotonous if done daily. A bad colour scheme with it can make the process worse. I am not a fan of monochorionic themes which is why I love the white background and the blue touch on the page. There are people who like darker colours though. I would recommend the platform to introduce an option that allows the users to pick between the dark and the light theme.

Support Network

I have a firm belief, that a firm cannot run without a good customer care department. No matter what state-of-the-art tools you provide unless you have representatives at the device of customers 24/7, your company is bound to fail. RichmondSuper seems to be mindful of this and this is why they have invested so much in this area. They have expansive service representatives that are always looking forward to solving your problems. There are a number of ways you can reach them. I have been a frequent user of the form submission method. You need to fill out a simple form that asks you for your name, email, and message. They have an email address and a phone number on the site. You can also chat with the reps but that is for a limited time. Also, the phone option is only for customers in the UK and Australia. Inclusion of a worldwide number would be great.

The Final word

RichmondSuper has quality service but still, there are areas that need improvement. My overall experience with the platform has been satisfactory because it serves all my trading needs in an efficient manner. I have seen traders from various backgrounds work with RichmondSuper for years now.


Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.