What Is A Bounty Cryptocurrency Program?

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Crypto enthusiasts are taking opportunities from the bounty cryptocurrency programs or bounty crypto programs by performing several activities related to the top ICOs. If there is anything getting hotter besides NFTs and DeFis these days, it is none other than an Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is considered an IPO of the crypto industry. Consequently, a bounty crypto program is a way to promote an ICO while rewarding the users. You can find a bounty crypto program while browsing the internet. If you want to learn how a bounty cryptocurrency program works in detail then let me tell you that in this article.   

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Bounty Cryptocurrency Program And Its Function In Detail

Looking for a bounty program is an easy way to get your hands on some of the best opportunities from the crypto world. ICOs are not traded as established cryptocurrencies in the market. They are, in fact, available to all who remain active on the internet. Even if you are not a crypto enthusiast, you can be a part of such a program. The three types of individuals here are developers, promoters and regular users. Developers build ICOs, promoters promote them, and general users earn for their future benefits. Once ICOs gain popularity, users cash out. 


In the case of a bounty crypto program, general users are called bounty crypto hunters. Of course, they are fishing for opportunities after approaching a suitable platform. Now you might relate bounty programs to airdrops, but that is not the case. Airdrops could be available for free, while bounties require you to do many tasks. Doing tasks is mandatory. Bounty crypto program has its origin from the world of gaming. Earlier, gamers, after completing levels, were entitled to get rewards. The scenario is changing, and nowadays, bounty crypto programs get divided into two categories, Pre-ICO and Post-ICO. Let’s understand them below. 



This is the first stage of a bounty crypto program. ICOs are offered to prospective users and investors who want to perform some tasks to let the rewards end up more profitable. Here, the participants are blog writers, social media influencers, computer programmers and other curious individuals. In this Pre-ICO stage, all the participants receive rewards for their work. The size of the chunk depends upon the level of tasks. Social media influencers and writers make their incentives for engagement. Developers earn for the code they write for the project. Thus in the first stage, these all are beneficiaries. 



The last stage is the Post-ICO stage that is primarily for regular users. If bugs show up in the first stage, developers eliminate them, and for that, they earn rewards. The fine-tuning of an ICO with the blockchain is necessary until this stage. In case the number of flaws grows, this stage becomes unsuccessful. The entire crypto bounty program may fail within the next coming days. Hence, it is forever recommended that you should look for a team behind the project. If the members have previously launched a project successfully, chances for the upcoming one is also to go big.   


Are They Better Than Trading?

Bounty crypto programs are undoubtedly good for those who want to get started with trading and investments. Established traders and investors do not take care of these tokens. Still, if they see the opportunity is promising from the latest news and updates, they can spend their time and effort. Once you get successful with a bounty crypto program, you can go further with trading and investment. One benefit of a bounty crypto program is that it is available even in crypto-banned countries. So, anyone from any country can take part and get started.  


Some platforms also have bug bounty programs instead of bounty crypto programs. You cannot take part in these programs because they are for programmers capable of removing bugs lying with the ICO. One well-known platform offering a bug bounty is Binance. It rewards those who find or solve bugs with websites as well as ICOs. Bugs may easily destroy all the earnings of the users and Binance does not want that to happen at any cost. Other crypto exchanges may or may not have their bug bounties, but they could have bounty crypto programs.  


Final Thoughts

A bounty cryptocurrency program generally deals with the top popular ICOs, and you should try to find legitimate ones. If you keep yourself crypto-updated all the time, you come across the best offerings. Reputable crypto platforms first test the ICOs before including them in their programs. Founders benefit by marketing their ICOs in bounty programs besides other ICO marketing strategies. ICOs are better than airdrops because they become cryptocurrencies in a few years. So, you should always try to put some effort into the bounty program. With time, you will become more successful in earning your future profits.