Where to See the Best Christmas Lights

Where to See the Best Christmas Lights

Each December, we all get to enjoy a similar transformation. Christmas trees, wreaths, and Christmas lights begin to adorn the streets and homes of our friends and family. It simply wouldn’t feel much like Christmas without these lights sparkling on the street corners.

Christmas displays, of course, can range in size and scale dramatically. Decorating your house in LED Christmas lights is one thing, but some towns and neighborhoods have truly taken Christmas lights to the next level. To get you in the holiday spirit, we’re providing a brief guide to some of the best spots to see Christmas lights.


Who says you can’t have an amazing Christmas in the desert? Every December, Glendale (right by Phoenix) lights up with an amazing Christmas lights show. Glendale Glitters is heralded as the largest free lights display in Arizona with over 1.6 million bulbs strewn across fourteen city blocks. The lights are accompanied by live music, delicious treats, and Santa even makes an appearance during the festivities.


Even in the middle of winter, the Denver Botanic Gardens are definitely worth checking out. During the holidays, the Botanic Gardens spring to life for the Blossoms of Light show. With an interactive design and countless colors and lights, you’ll quickly become immersed in this dazzling Christmas lights display.


Consistently ranked as one of the best Christmas lights displays, Fantasy in Lights completely transforms the Callaway Resort and Gardens. At over 2,500 acres of unique and festive decorations, it might seem impossible to really see this entire show. But don’t worry, this festival has got you covered. Fantasy in Lights features the Jolly Trolley that takes guests throughout the entire grounds to see the dazzling lights and decorations.


With a town name like this, you just knew it had to make the list as one of the most impressive holiday displays. While this town is already well-known for their year-round holiday stores and attractions, Santa Claus, Indiana really kicks it into high gear throughout December. Decorations stretch over a mile to recreate the story of Rudolph and you won’t want to miss the Santa Claus Land of Lights located at the Lake Rudolph Campground.


If you’re looking for some holiday spirit in the sun, then St. Augustine’s magnificent Night of Lights is for you. Each December, this small coastal town turns their historic district into a Christmas spectacle with roughly 3 million lights. The festival is complete with food, entertainment, and even trolley tours or guided tours that make it a lot easier to take in the entire display.


Many zoos across the country love getting into the holiday spirit each December, but Wild Lights might be the best Christmas lights display of them all. Over 500 million LED Christmas lights decorate the Detroit Zoo and we guarantee you won’t be too upset if some of the animals aren’t as active this time of year. The park also features over 200 unique animal sculptures that come to life in magnificent lights and colors. You’ll also want to check out the ice skating rink and the truly immersive 4D Polar Express Experience.


Branson, Missouri, is renowned for its entertainment options in the southwestern corner of the “show me” state. But about 6.5 million lights really make Branson something special each December when the Silver Dollar City theme park celebrates the holidays. Enjoy the park and lights as your family explores this 19th century themed area that also hosts a nightly holiday parade during this time of the year.


Truly one of the more unique holiday displays, Las Vegas turns their famous racetrack into a light show with over 3 million individual Christmas lights. Even better, you have the option to take your own car down the track and experience the dazzling lights as you pretend that you’re a racing pro. If this sounds a little extreme, there’s also an option to hop on the Santa Tram for a guided tour of the amazing colors.


If you don’t have the time or budget to visit one of these top Christmas lights destinations, don’t give up hope. You don’t need to travel across the country (or even get in your car) to see amazing Christmas lights displays. Depending on where you live, there are usually options to check out Christmas lights locally. And don’t forget you can always go online to see Christmas lights and decorations from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some ideas on how to see amazing Christmas lights without turning this experience into a road trip:

  • Shopping centers.
  • Government buildings.
  • Zoos and parks.
  • City centers.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Museums.

And don’t forget, sometimes the best Christmas displays can be found in your very own neighborhood. This can also be a great way to connect with neighbors and explore a little bit of your corner of the map.

If your neighborhood isn’t getting into the holiday spirit, you can always go online to catch some of the most impressive Christmas decoration displays and shows. A quick Google search will provide you with more than enough holiday cheer.


Nothing says Christmas like seeing an entire street block lit up with colorful Christmas lights. Whether they’re LED Christmas lights or incandescent bulbs, Christmas lights are a cherished tradition and a wonderful way to brighten up the season with those you love.

Several places across the country can make the claim for having the biggest and best city Christmas decorations and Christmas lights displays. From (PLACES), it’s definitely worth checking out one of these top Christmas lights locations. However, you don’t necessarily need to hit the road to experience a great Christmas lights show. A little bit of research should help you find nearby Christmas displays and you can always go online to see Christmas decorations from all over the world.