Birthdays are the perfect time to send flowers to celebrate another year of opportunities for life. All of us look forward to birthdays. Whether it’s our birthday or that of a near one. We tend to get so excited that we start counting days left for the special occasion. We start planning how the day will be spent? Where would we go? Whom would we invite to the party or whether there would be any party at all? In case of our birthday, we tend to be excited about what gifts we might receive? And in case of others’ birthdays or in situations where we receive an invitation for a birthday party, we keep on thinking about what gift we shall purchase for the birthday girl or boy? Choosing a gift is undoubtedly a challenging exercise. You keep on wondering what to choose and from which place? Whether the person would appreciate your gift or not? Too many things are taken into consideration before buying a gift.

So, to help you clear out your confusion regarding the gift, we suggest you offer flowers to the recipient. Let us see which flower can be given depending upon the birth month of the individual.


If your friend was born during the first month of the year, you must choose the lovely blooms of carnations for them. The petals of these flowers resemble a tissue in its texture. Carnations are available in various shades, you may choose any shade to offer to your friends.


If you happen to get invited to a birthday party in the month of February, you must enter the party with a bunch of lovely Irises in your hand. These flowers are commonly associated with hope, trust and wisdom. Give an Iris to tell a friend that you hope for their bright future ahead.


For the month of March, The bright yellow blooms of Daffodils make the perfect offering. These flowers are an indication of a new beginning. Offers Daffodils to a dear one on their birthday to wish them good luck during this new year of their life.


Do you know who was born at the arrival of the spring season? Daisy is the perfect flower for people born in the month of April. Daisies start blooming from the onset of the dawn thus they are also called day’s eyes. Daisies are known as a symbol of cheerfulness and are called the harbinger of happiness.


For those born in the month of May, Lilies flower bouquet online would make the best gift. Different colors of lilies are associated with different meanings. If you find it challenging to choose a particular kind of lily, you may choose a bouquet with all shades of the flower.


People born during the middle of the year would love to receive Roses as gifts. A red rose would be ideal for your love interest, while yellow goes well in the context of friendship ties.


A person born in July must be given a hibiscus as a mark of glory. These flowers grow well despite being exposed to the Sun, thus representing endurance.


It would be great to surprise an August-born friend with a Poppy. Poppies are a symbol of restful sleep and peace. They are given to wish success for the person.


For those born in the month of September, the star-shaped petals of Asters would be a sweet offering. Asters denote love, patience and beauty.


If you are finding a gift for someone who was born in October, bright orange blooms of marigold can be given to appreciate the person for their hardiness and their determination to achieve success.


For those born in the cold month of November, chrysanthemums can be offered to wish for a long life with lots of happiness for the person. Chrysanthemums are the symbols of longevity and happiness.


If your friend was born during the last month of the year. You must decorate their lives with hollies. Hollies are a popular flower during the Christmas season.

You can surprise a distant friend by browsing the gift portal of a trusted gift shopping site and choose the option of Online flower delivery in Lucknow or any other part of the country. In this way, you will still be able to express your love for your friends and wish them well on their special day.