Why Is Wall Art Important in Interior Design?

Artwork can be incredibly powerful and can essentially make or break a room. It can tell stories via the interior design, add bold features to your living space, and bring life to a room. However, we often see paintings and wall art being overlooked in the world of interior design. It is usually the last thing one picks up after they are done with the artful arrangement of their furniture and painting their walls.

By consigning wall art as an afterthought, you are missing out on an incredible design opportunity. When chosen with careful consideration, the appropriate wall art can provide design inspiration for the entire room. Wall art matters a great deal in the interior design of residential or corporate space.

Here in this guide, we will discuss how you can thoughtfully choose residential painting Chicago that will allow you to design a harmonious interior and mesh with your current space.

It Serves as An Instant Color Palette 

Picking the right color palette for your room can be quite challenging. The overwhelming variety of colors and shades available at the market can be baffling and can make selecting a color palette one of the most daunting tasks in the interior design process. It can be hard to narrow down the choices into colors that fit your vision for space.

While it might sound odd at first, a great suggestion is to discover the color palette through the colors of your favorite wall art or painting. Once you have decided on a painting that you absolutely adore, you can use that artwork as a source of inspiration for the color scheme of your living space.

You should first select a few shades from the painting or wall art that you would love to add into your décor. Then pick the dominant color and some other shades that you can use as accents. Then, choose some colors that you can use to decorate the living space.

It Creates A Focal Point 

A fundamental principle of interior design is that every space requires a focal point that serves as a design element, drawing immediate attention into space and gives the viewer an idea of what they can expect. A beautifully captivating painting or piece of art can inevitably serve the purpose of a focal point.

Envision your favorite artwork standing conceitedly over your bed in the master bedroom or a mesmerizing painting hanging on the wall just above the fireplace. You could also turn one of your walls into a gallery with a creative assortment of your favorite residential paintings.

If you have decided to use an artwork as a focal point in your interior space, it is important to take the size into consideration. An art piece that is too small can appear dwarfed with all the surrounding furniture, and one that is too large is going to make the place look overly crowded.  So, make sure to take the measurements of all the available wall spaces, so that you have a solid idea as to how much room you have.

Art Reflects Your Life Philosophy 

What defines an individual is in what she/he chooses to believe in. Therefore, the choice of your artwork not only displays your aesthetic preferences but also your sense of innovation. Whether you decide to go for modern abstract and contemporary art, 3D digital paintings, or stick to the classics Goya or Rembrandt, all these choices reflect your distinctive view of life.

Art Highlights Your Creative Side 

Not all art pieces or paintings have to be incredibly pricey and created by a renowned artist – even the art novices can come up with beautifully memorable art pieces by themselves. That way, the art can showcase your creative side, and demonstrate that you can handle the canvas.

It also shows that you don’t shy away from displaying your creations and how they bring life to your living space. We all love to fill up our homes with intriguing art pieces by famous painters and artists. So, why not make something yourself and display your creation?

It Makes the Living Space Look Finished

Picture some of the less organized or finished interior spaces that you have seen. Maybe an old college apartment or the first adult space you rented after finishing school. It is likely that these spaces appeared slightly unfinished and rough around the edges, and the chances are that they all had plain white walls.

A wall painting or artwork can serve as that much-needed finishing touch that can take your space from simply looking ordinary and functional to something that could potentially appear on an interior design magazine. Make sure that you pick an art piece that matches with the décor you have already decided on for your space.

Here are some important tips and suggestions for using artwork and paintings for your interior design.

  • The best way to invest in an art piece is to buy what you love and then start building on your interior from there. You can use the artwork to use as an inspiration for your deciding on the color palette of your wall paint, furniture, and other accessories.
  • You can group a bunch of paintings in a wall to enhance its proportions.
  • You don’t have to fill up all the empty spaces on the walls with art pieces. Leaving a considerable space in between the paintings or other design elements can give accent to other interior features that might need some more attention.

Wall art doesn’t have to be the last bit of detail that you add when designing the interior design of living space. In fact, paintings and art pieces can bring tremendous value to the overall aesthetics and value of your space. When used properly, your wall paintings and art pieces can serve as an incredible framework which you can use to plan the design of the rest of the space.

Use this guide to help you select a fitting art piece that you can use as a source of inspiration for your residential interior design.

You can always find a painting that represents your aesthetics and sense of style. All you have to do is to use your favorite art piece to add an element of appeal to your empty walls. Make the optimal use of the artwork and don’t be afraid to use your creative instincts!